Starting off as an early Saturday morning bible study... Ryan and Kaleb realized they had more in common than just their faith.

They soon began working on freelance projects with each other and their business began to grow from there. Now, they do work for both secular businesses and religious organizations.

Our mission is simple: Show Christ's love through loving others, regardless of their beliefs, values or principles.  We want to love on folks while working with them!

Founder of Always Abounding Multimedia, Ryan Stanley.

Founder of Always Abounding Multimedia, Ryan Stanley.

Ryan Stanley

Ryan is a content creator and cinematographer for Always Abounding Multimedia. With over 14 years of film experience, he fell in love with videography after making a proposal video for his future wife in 2004. He is constantly staying on top of all video production and animation trends. He sees Always Abounding as more than just a creative firm, but an opportunity to help LOCAL businesses feel proud of how they market themselves. “I want to provide an avenue for our clients to tell their story. Videography and design does just that.” University of Tennessee, I Love Local (@ilovelocal), and Northstar Church (@northstarknox) are just a few of his most recent projects he’s captured on film.

Co-Founder of Always Abounding Multimedia, Kaleb Buckner.

Co-Founder of Always Abounding Multimedia, Kaleb Buckner.

Kaleb Buckner

Equipped with a degree in marketing from Tennessee Tech, 13+ years worth of graphic design, and the knack for being the highlight of your day, Kaleb found a niche in a volatile ecosystem of LOCAL small businesses with marketing, producing, and design. "We love what we do. We both started this as a side job but knew it was bigger that just a ‘side hustle’ and we’re blessed that it’s grown into something bigger. This is our passion. Using creative avenues to help small, local businesses grow and thrive in the city we love is so rewarding.” His most recent projects consist of Mac’s Pharmacies, Bush Brothers (@bush), and Nothing Too Fancy (@nothingtoofancyknoxville).