Video's 40 Year Killing Spree

In March of 1979, an English new wave band released their single, “The Video Killed the Radio Star,” that would climb to number 1 in 16 different countries. Although there are many different interpretations of this widely celebrated song, it can often be under appreciated for how accurately it foretold the future of both the entertainment business and humanity.

Fast-forward 40 years and you’ve got the titanium age of video. As consumers, we consume video faster than a high school football team at a pizza party. We just can’t get enough video content about our favorite topics. In addition, we’re not selfish about it. Studies have shown that social video generates up to 12 times more shares than text and images… combined. There’s something about how video combines pictures (which we love) with motion (which captivates us) resulting in a combination that truly grabs our attention and engages us.

Unlike radio, video has infinite growth ahead of us. We already see how businesses like YouTube, Apple, and Disney are joining the ranks of Hulu, Prime, and Netflix to stake their claim in video. Not only is it cheaper for people to watch their favorite shows (Sayonara, cable tv!), but it’s getting cheaper for businesses to advertise with video. No longer are commercials costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to film and distribute. Now, if you can produce an engaging video that resonates with potential customers, you can get great traction by strategic social media deployment. People spend 5 times longer consuming video on Facebook than anything else.  Even getting ads on previously mentioned platforms like Hulu isn’t as hard or expensive like local cable tv.

The fact is, video marketing gets results and has been since 1979. In fact, some say it started in 1941 with the very first commercial advertisement for the Bulova Watch Company. Sure, the styles, processes, and even the consumer buying habits may have changed since then, but video marketing hasn’t. It’s only grown more effective than ever. Don’t wind up like the Radio Star, make the switch to VIDEO before it’s too late.

Kaleb Buckner